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happy new year all (peace)

new exe finder biss

The CSA-Rainbow-Table-Tool works only with NVIDIA ( _ ) graphic cards that supports CUDA.
Make sure you have installed the CUDA driver for your card before using this tool or you will get an error that e.g. cudart32_40_17.dll is missing.
I have tested the tool with my 12% Over Clocked NVIDIA GeForge GTX 470 (GV-N470SO-13I) under Windows 7.


If the chain file name that is shown in the log is different (and it should be because it's random based), than the all chains (start values) inside the file are also different (no overlapping).
The random 22bit prefix of the start value is included in the file name.
All start values of the chains inside the file will all have the same prefix of the start value.
The 26bit postfix of the start value contains all possible values from 0000000h .. 3FFFFFFh.
In the 768 MByte chain file there are 4000000h chains included.
If a chain file is finished a new random prefix will be generated for the next file.

Maximal Prime:
How is the performance brother? Compared to Cudabiss?


Maximal Prime:
have not been there for long time...
let me see...


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