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--- Quote from: maxx on May 16, 2009, 08:49:08 am ---Introduce yourself, and be the Forsatter here...

A warm welcome to foreigner member... ::Beer::

--- End quote ---

If i'm not mistake, this room have inviting anyone around the world to join with us to discuss about sattelit hobbies, etc. Just for sure. Welcome bro .. together we can do.

Maximal Prime:
borrowing some "monox" funny words:
"that's rightsss... " :D

excuse me..
sorry i'm late.. :D
plz allow me to join and follow study arround here..

wow this topic 's keren
I will introduce my self
my name's Mangnanay without Mang
I'm a foreigner cause I 'm come from west java
my hobbies 's teaching, gaming,tracking satellite and kencing hehe,
god job Mr. Maxx and don't be angry to me
sorry oot

and please to real foreigner enter this room hehe...



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