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Which DVB?

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Which DVB ?

I have been dreaming of having DVB S PCI card but I am still confused about which one  to choose. Actually I have read some types of this device but so far I havenít made up my mind which one I should buy. I havenít even really understood the details of what I have read because I have no knowledge about technology to deal with technical devices. That is why I have to take some points into considerations before I make a decision:  

1.   To what extent my requirements can be fulfilled with limited budget.
2.    How far the selected DVB is capable of tracking and catching satellites and channels.
3.   How far the difficulty level of the DVB can be dealt with by the user.
4.   How far the DVB is compatible with various existing softwares.
5.   The life expectancy of the device.

Amongst the DVBís features and their prices that I have learned, I have narrowed them down to 2 choices:  Skystar 2 TV PCI and PCI DVB-S DM 1105. The first mentioned costs Rp 750.000,--, 2 times as much of the latter. I think I will choose the latter if its quality and capability are not very much different from those of the first one. On the contrary, IĎd rather have the first one if its quality and capability are twice as much of the latter.

My dear fellow forsatters could you please give me your advice which one to choose?  

Maximal Prime:
I'd rather choose SkyStar 2 as it has a big community support and ofcourse with many softwares out there. You may look at the polling been voted so far, and it's not a surprise when SkyStar 2 still dominates the usage amongst the dvb enthusiasts.

sory bro maxx ikut nimbrung

I aggree with maxx, i'll choosing skystar2 coz it support almost the third party dvb software.

Ikut Comment dikit Bro

clear among both have their respective advantages, depending on which side of us as a user using the device itself


--- Quote ---i'll choosing skystar2 coz it support almost the third party dvb software.

--- End quote ---

Hello , skystar 2 is dvb-s,it receive only QPSK  not 8PSK, if you are planning to buy a dvb card then go for DVB-S2   pci card for HD and MPEG 4 bcoz it is second generation dvb card ,for fueture


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