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Semua yang berhubungan dengan Yamal 202 posting disini ya...

untuk DAFTAR yg udah dapat lock SATELIT YAMAL sampe hari ini bisa di chek



Gambar-gambar sekat dan letak penempatannya di lnb....

Biar sedikit rame ah..., ngisi jadwal mata kuliah bro Jamal

Friday, Sept. 28,2007
  06:00 AM music channel
  06:30 Mighty Rangers: "Space Patrol Delta" (Multiplikatsionny series)
  06:50 Brothers : "Differently" (cKomediyny series)
  07:15 "Friends" TV (USA)
  07:35 "To laughter"
  08:00 13 "soldiers" Teleserial
  09:30 "24" Information Programme
  10:00 "Zvany dinner with the stars"
  11:00 Hour "court" with Paul Astahovym
  12:00 "The truth about UFOs: Vivisektsiya cows" documentary (USA)
  12:30 "24" Information Programme
  13:00 Boy "shaded" Teleserial
  14:00 13 "soldiers" Teleserial
  15:00 Cinema: "Secrets of the Bermuda Triangle",Sam Neil
  17:30 "Baby" revolt against Vladimir Semago
  18:00 "Zvany dinner with the stars"
  19:00 Violators of 
  19:30 "24" Information Programme
  20:00 Cinema: “Gunman air prison", Nicolas Cage, John Cusack, John
            Malkovich in priklyuchencheskom (USA)
  23:00 "Private History"
  23:30 "Laughter in a big city"
  00:00 SESSION FOR ADULT: “SEX ON THE INTERNET” (Mia, Redzhina Russell)
  02:00 Scheme "laughter"
  03:20 "sixth sense"
  03:30 "For laughter"
  03:50 Night Music Channel
Saturday, Sept. 29,2007

  06:00 AM music channel
  07:00 Scheme "laughter"
  07:00 "Space cowboys" Multiplikatsionny series 
  07:25 "Inoplanetyane" Multiplikatsionny series 
  07:45 "laughter" Scheme
  08:30 "Grand Prix"
  08:55 "Formula-1". Grand Prix of Japan. Qualifications. Live Webcast
  10:10 Cinema, psychological thriller : "Kidal” (John Cusack, Angelica
  Huston, Annette Bening)  (USA)
  12:30 "24" Information Programme
  13:00 "military secrets" with Igor Prokopenko
  14:00 13 "soldiers" Teleserial
  18:00 Dalnye "relatives" Russian sketch- show
  18:30 "Big Ad"
  19:00 "Week" with Marianne Maksimovskoy
  20:00 Cinema, Gangster comedy : "Fingers" (Heath Ledger, Bryan Brown)
            Young Idol 2000-Superstar film x-Heath Ledger in gangster comedy. In the 19-year life of
            Jimmy, street begun working in the strip club Barker, the same day, two major events. He
            met the girl of their dreams and hit the top league of high crime. The head of a local 
            gang  of drug traffickers Panda asked Jimmy perform simple job - to work courier,
            bringing on the correct address 10,000 dollars. But the fate of Jimmy causing severe blow-            two young beggars steal his money mafia. And now, to get a bullet in the head, Jimmy will
            take part in the bank robbery ..
 22:00 "S. S. S. R. (Sluhi. troubles. sensationalism. Investigations). 
 23:00 "Laughter in the big city." (There is never forgotten.) Concert
            Mikhail Zadornov
 00:45 SESSION FOR ADULT: "THE SEX FILES – MISTER X” (Jennifer Thomas)
            Mr. X came to the prison, where a particularly dangerous criminals murderers waiting
            when the hour of execution. Mr. X dressed in a black suit with a black hood, which is only
            holes for the eyes. Mr. X silent until the prison read out the terms of the contract, which
            will be Mr. Ickx. The work is too heavy for normal police guards. Mister X-executioner.
            Under the contract, Mr. X is on the death last hours of his life. And during these hours
            occurred only interested in sex. Because Mr. X is a young blond woman ... 
  02:45 "laughter" Scheme
  03:30 "sixth sense"
  04:10 "Big Ad"
  04:30 "eyewitness is: very funny"
  04:55 Night Music Channel

Monday, Sept. 30,2007
  06:00 AM music channel
  06:35 "Space cowboys" Multiplikatsionny series (France)
  07:00 "Inoplanetyane" Multiplikatsionny series (France)
  07:50 "laughter" Scheme
  08:30 "Big mozgolomy"
  09:20 "Cinema": Wesley Snipes in a militant "Detonator" (USA)
  11:30 "The witness is: very shocking"
  12:30 "24" Information Programme
  13:00 "Week" with Marianne Maksimovskoy
  14:00 "S. S. S. R. (Sluhi,troubles,sensationalism,Investigations)"
  15:00 "relatives" Bigger Russian sketch- show
  15:30 "Fantasticheskie history": "Primety and superstition"
  16:30 Cinema : "Heracles" (Paul Telfer)
  20:00. "4400" TV (USA)
  22:00 "Fantasticheskie history": "Letargichesky sleep"
  23:00 "fighting without rules bodogFIGHT"
            (Kira Reed)
  1:50 "Star Sport:" Football fever "
  02:15 "immediately" with stories Ivan Dyhovichnym
  03:30 Night Music Channel

Selamat mengikuti kuliah.

Gimana bro bro yg belum menemukan Bang Jamal....?

Besok udah mulai lagi "Pagelaran 3 malam" Mba Iren....

Ayo....para suhu di sini men-support Anda yg terus berusaha mencari Bang Jamal!



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